Facility Space

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  • 1X 120ft long 45 wide Field Area
  • 2X 55ft Batting cages (with SR. hack attack pitching machine, ball feeder and L screen)
  • 1X 44ft Batting cage (with L screen and Heater sports pitching machine)
  • 1X 50ft Batting cage (with L screen and Jr Hack attack Softball machine)
  • 1X 30ft Soft toss area (with mini L screen)
  • 1X 35ft Retractable Cage (with L screen)
  • 1X Full size Pitching tunnel (with 2 turf mounds, 2X 9 strike location pitching pads)


  • Tanner Tees available for all batting cages
  • Baseballs available for rent with keys of ID (Free)
  • 3X Portable turf mounds available on Filed area
  • Put down Bases and pitching rubbers available on field area